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Author: C
Category: NonHuman
Last updated: Oct 24, 2007

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Johnny Myckus enjoyed sunbathing. It got his body beautifully tanned, he did not believe that at the age of 24 he would ever get skin cancer, and it showed off his rather spectacular muscular development which had taken a long time and a good deal of trouble to acquire. It served as Johnny's bait, a conversation opener, for the unsuspecting college girls upon whom he preyed. Johnny also hoped it might show off his slightly less publicly displayed, but just as developed, sexual endowment. Unfortunately, after three weeks at the beach where his friends had told him he would score within two hours, he had neither seen nor had a chance to talk to what he considered a really hot chick hell! he hadn't talked to any decent looking girl at all!.

The girls he had chatted up were either under developed, in Johnny's expert opinion, or over-developed and far too old for his taste she-it! his thoughts ran, some a them wimmen must a been at least thirty-five!

But, at the beginning of his fourth week and getting mighty close to time for his return to the junior college where he coached men's soccer and basketball, as well as weight-lifting, Johnny was lying flat on his back, stretched out, with the obvious lump in his tight-knit trunks visible to the absent throng. He had long finished oiling his muscles and was almost asleep, when a lovely voice said in his ear,

"Hi. Are you Johnny Myckus? Some of your friends said you might be on this beach."

Johnny was far from rude to anyone with a voice like this, and he quickly rolled over, his eyes closed. Before he got to his knees preparatory to rising, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Lie back down, Johnny. I want to admire your ... muscles some more." He flopped back over, almost forced to recline by that voice. The tone of voice implied that the owner had been admiring more than muscles. Johnny's mind considered the voice he hadn't opened his eyes, not wanting to spoil his instant illusion that the owner was beautiful to be teasing him, and he knew damn' well she hadn't been looking anywhere but at his crotch. His "lump" twitched.

"Ooh, Johnny, that's cute! Can you do it some more, perhaps at my place?"

Judas Priest! ran through his mind, this is a ready hottie if I ever knew one.

He dared to squint through one barely open eyelid, prepared to close it instantly before she could see that he was awake, if the voice turned out to belong to a dog. It did not. Johnny leapt to his feet, very carefully so that his body brushed very, very close to the girl's. So close, indeed, that he "accidentally" bumped her breasts with his head and his chest, and, oddly enough, his pelvis happened to wind up against her mound.

"Oh, please excuse me! You startled me," he apologized, meanwhile turning slightly so that he rubbed against her again.

"Oh, that's...all right, Johnny. Why don't we go get something to eat, we may need the energy?" she asked, as she accidentally yeah? thought Johnny rubbed against him. Johnny decided that he could certainly stand something to eat, but what he and the girl were contemplating were probably not the same thing.

"Sure, there's a stand down the beach a ways. You wan' a soda, or what?"

"Well, I'll tell you, I have an apartment nearby, there's probably something to drink better'n soda, an' it's probably gotten cold by now in my fridge. Let's go for that, huh, Johnny?"

Yeah, I go for that! was Johnny's thought, too. He bent to get the beach towel and when he straightened up he got a really good look at the voice.

The girl was just a little bit older than Johnny liked, but she was a really gorgeous babe! Her breasts looked firm, although with a halter around them he could be fooling himself, but her butt....whoo, boy, what a lovely ass! He appreciated the action of her cheeks under the tight shorts as she walked slightly in front of him down the beach, and he saw more than a few envious glances from various males as the two of them passed. Johnny followed her God, he didn't even know her name! up onto the grass inland of the sand, over a dune and to a grey-blue Lexus SUV, which she unlocked and into which she waved him. Money and good ass! was Johnny's inevitable kine of thought.

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"Oh, I forgot, I suppose you don't know me, Johnny. My name's Jeanette, and I've heard a lot about you. I think you're trainable, since I've heard how hard you worked at your...uhm... muscle...building."

Johnny did not pick-up on the "trainable," but wallowed in what he thought of as praise and appreciation of his efforts to achieve muscle stardom. He also was certain that Jeanette had referred to his growing reputation as a cocksman, a title which he had been awarded by bis friends some years before. He thought more of that than their admiration of his muscles.

"Uh, well, Jeanette, sure, if you've got a cold one in the fridge, I'd be the last to turn it down." Yeah, and if you've got a hot one in those shorts, I'd be the last one to turn that down, either.

Jeanette seemed to get the gist of what he was thinking, for after she backed the SUV skillfully onto the paved road, shifted and accelerated swiftly away, she spread her legs in the short-shorts and wriggled her butt on the hot seat.

"Kinda warm in the sun, isn't it, Johnny?" she asked, innocently.

"Yeah. Since I got my tan, I could maybe use something cool...." He let that sentence dangle deliberately.

Jeanette smiled broadly, and said quite casually, "Y'know, Johnny, sometimes something hot goes better if it's really hot, don't you know?"

Johnny's hopes and his penis began to rise suddenly. He was constrained by those too tight trunks, and did a bit of squirming before he could get it into a comfortable position without actually placing his hand on it. Jeanette seemed to watch his convolutions with glee from the corner of her eye. She was driving fast, and she was a good enough driver that she concentrated most of her attention on the road, but she certainly had an eye on Johnny's manifestation. It seemed to Johnny that this girl, old as she might be, was very, very interested in the same thing he was beginning to think was a definite probability.

I'm gonna get laid, he thought.

"Maybe..." Jeanette paused so long that Johnny thought she was reading his mind, "...you'd like a shower, too, eh, Johnny?"

Thoughts of two naked bodies in a shower crossed his mind, but he just said, trying not to drool, "That'd be real nice, Jeanette."

"I bet so. I might take one, too, after you are ...." She didn't finish, but Johnny had become so engrossed watching her right breast jiggle as she shifted gears that he hardly heard what she said.

"Sure," he said, getting more and more worked up. His restricted penis felt as though it was going to burst the material of his trunks, its head rubbing against the loose nylon jockstrap adding to his arousal, but making him need to pee really badly.

"Is...it much further, Jeanette? I gotta go to the boy's room real bad." Johnny considered himself very sophisticated to have come up with that. He was still suffering, and his balls were boiling, now.

"No, Johnny. As a matter of fact," she whirled the SUV to the curb and stopped with a jerk that almost made Johnny wet himself, "we're here."

Johnny did not take the time for an appreciation of the landscape he was really hurting but followed Jeanette as fast as he could as she opened the door and held it for him. He didn't even admire the sway of her butt this time.

"Straight ahead, second door on the right, Johnny!" she cooed. He had never heard angels, but that sounded angelic to the relieved Johnny. He dashed to that door, entered and without closing the door, whipped down his trunks (with difficulty, considering the obstacle), almost peed in his face, but managed to relieve himself with a great rushing of waters for probably a full minute.

"Whew!" he exclaimed. "That was a help, gal!"

"Uh-huh, and you'll be a help to me in a few moments, too, Johnny!" The voice sounded a bit different to him. Johnny turned to behold the girl standing in the doorway, nude. He noticed with a quick up and down glance at which he had become expert that she was shaved, and with considerable shock that she was bald. He knew he'd seen a full head of hair on her just a few minutes ago!


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