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A Family Affair!

Author: Mackie2006
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Feb 29, 2008

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"Keeping it in the family!"


The phone rang, and when I picked it up, it was my mother and was she ever pissed off.

"Junior" she started, no hello or anything like that, "that crazy old asshole father of yours has really lost it this time! He has definitely lost it this time," she went on and on with this line until I got her calmed down to ask what he had done that was so different this time?

They were always having their spats, and while they seldom got physical, they sure made enough noise with their complaints about each other.

"This time?" she asked belligerently, and not waiting for a reply, continued with, "the old fucker threw me out of the house, ass over baggage. I landed on my tits in the front yard. It's a wonder I didn't break my neck, or something."

I asked her what she wanted me to do about it, and after a long tirade against my father, it boiled down to my help to her get settled at a girl friend's place for right now and later on, seeing if I could get my old man calmed down enough to let her go back home again.

I knew her girlfriend Marge she was staying with, so I went over there to help move some stuff around so mom could be reasonably comfortable there for a few days. Maybe by that time I could get this mess straightened up somehow.

It was late when I got home so I called dad the next day, but there was no answer all day.

I called the next day and got dad on the first ring. After asking him how he was, I asked him what was going on with my mom, and that got him started. "Pussy rubbin, that's what," he fumed. "I'm not going to have any pussy rubbin bitches around here!" he told me loudly.

What do you mean by pussy rubbin? I asked him, for to tell the truth, I had never heard the term despite the obvious implications.

"I come home, and hear somebody really goin at it in the bedroom. Sounded like they was havin a right good time of it too, I peeked in the door and there they was, Marge and her, naked as jaybirds, layin on my king size water bed. They was layin on their backs, pushin their pussies together, and they was going right at it too, wigglin their asses and bouncin all over the bed!

"But dad," I replied, "you've been married for more than twenty years, actually more than twenty-five years, why not,"

"Don't make no mind," he cut me off in mid thought. "I'm not goin to have no pussy rubbin bitch around here and that's that!" he said and hung up the phone.

I was busy for the rest of the day, but the following morning found me going to see my mother. When I told her what dad had told me, she said that the old fart was crazy. It took him forever to get it up, and that wasn't too often either. "A girl just has to do what she has to do. So fuck him," she said.

I didn't hear anything from mom for nearly two weeks, and when I did, she sounded really upbeat. She told me that she found an apartment and got herself a job. Said she needed some help getting settled in her apartment and wondered if I could come over and help her. But there was more to it than just moving some stuff around she wanted me to go to dad's place and get her stuff with my pickup truck.

I didn't want to get in the middle of a war, but agreed to do it so long as dad didn't give me any trouble.

I wouldn't have had to worry because when I got there he had this really gorgeous blond there with him that was probably half his age. "This here's Yvonne," he told me.

I was surprised, but he didn't have any problem with my getting mom's stuff, they both helped me pack it up and load it on my truck.

I told dad when Yvonne wasn't around that mom had got a job and rented an apartment. He surprised me when he reached in his pocket for a couple of hundred dollars to give to mom.

He told me that Yvonne was the greatest and said that she just couldn't get enough man meat, none of this pussy rubbin crap for her. He told me that she was none too swift, but what she lacked in I.Q. she made up in the sex department. "Ever hear of a snappin pussy?" he asked me without telling me anything about it.

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Yvonne was no slouch in the looks department either. She was probably in her early thirties but had the body of a teenager. Her looks reminded me of a televison star who played a dumb blond in this comedy series on TV a while back.

It took me three evenings to move all of mom's stuff and get it arranged in her apartment, but that made her a lot happier.

I must say that both of my parents seemed to be happy with their new lives. Mom was always talking about her job, the people she worked with and it was apparent that she liked her apartment. Dad seemed to be fascinated with Yvonne, couldn't keep his hands off of her, and it certainly looked like she enjoyed every minute of it too. She seemed to be happy with dad, doing little things for him, and trying her best to be hospitable to me.

So much for that, I thought, pleased with myself for my part in returning domestic tranquility to the family.

Imagine my surprise when a week later Yvonne knocks on my door one afternoon and invites herself in the moment I open the door. "Hello Junior," she says.

For my part, I had no idea that she even knew where I lived, and wondered if my dad even knew.

"So what brings you over here?" I asked her to get the conversation started.

She told me that I had looked lonely to her, and knowing that I lived alone, she thought she would come over and cheer me up since she was over this way, anyway. Besides that, she really liked my dad, but he couldn't keep up with her in the sex department, and she was wondering if I could help her out, inasmuch as she noticed that I always started to get a hard on whenever she was around.

She didn't wait for an answer, simply dropped my pants and pulled my cock out of my shorts. Getting on her knees, she expertly deep throated me until I went off in her mouth a very short time later.

Taking me by the hand she led me to the bedroom where she shucked her clothes off and then undressed me. On the bed she pulled my head to her pussy by my hair. I got my tongue in the folds of her cunt and started to lick her, but gave that up when she was bouncing her ass around too much for me to keep up with her gyrations.

It didn't matter much to her, she pulled me on top of her, stuck my cock in her fuck hole and was off on one of the wildest fucks I've ever had the good fortune to enjoy. I think that she had cum three times by the time I did.

When I got off, she got off the bed, went to the bathroom where she cleaned herself up, put her clothes back on, kissed me goodbye and was gone. I don't think that she had been in the house fifteen minutes. But they were really busy minutes, that was for sure.

After that Yvonne was a frequent visitor to my place. It was always the same, she came in and fucked me silly, never staying more than thirty minutes, usually much less than that. But what she didn't do in that time wasn't worth doing.

A couple of times when I happened to be going by, I stopped at dad's place. Yvonne was always hospitable, offering me something to eat or drink. She never gave me the slightest sign that there was anything going on between us, and she was always very attentive to my dad.

Mom called me and wanted me to pick up a chest of drawers she had bought. It was no problem with my little truck. Sometimes, like this time, I felt good about driving a truck and being able to help others when they had to move something. Other times, it seemed that I was always on the go moving stuff for other people.

To say I was surprised when I got to mom's apartment was an understatement. I was flabbergasted when she introduced Yvonne to me, telling me not to get excited about her because she was dynamite with the girls, but wasn't interested in boys.

I tried my best to get some kind of communication from Yvonne, but it was just as if I was meeting her for the first time. And dad was right, she wasn't too smart, but there was no question that this was Yvonne all right.


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