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Three's Not a Crowd

Author: L.D.Michales
Category: Group_Stories
Last updated: Feb 17, 2008

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We're moving. I felt the plane rock as it backed away from the ramp and remembered thinking how quiet it was, until the jet engines came to life. With no other traffic departing or arriving at that hour it only took a second or two for the vibrations of flight to start passing through my seat as images of the past weekend began to overtake my thoughts.

I knew I would never be able to tell anyone about it, no one who knew me would believe me. True I had made some changes lately but nothing like this. This wasn't like anything I had ever done. It didn't seem real. It was really more like a story from one of those adult sites on the Internet, but it had been real and I had done it all.

I had to admit that when I turned 40, I went a little crazy with a lot of things in my life. An attractive tall blond with nice tits and a great set of legs, if I do say so myself, I'd been single for a couple of years. I didn't have a steady thing going with anybody at the time, and frankly I was a little board with my life.

I'm not sure, to this day, how I was talked into putting an ad on one of those personal sites on the Internet by a girlfriend of mine, but that's how I met Mark and Jan. They answered my ad and told me they also had some ads out and gave me some web addresses so I could check them out.

They were, '"A wmc, 34 & 41, looking for another female for friendship first and we'll see later" ok so far I thought, lets see what happens next.

From our first E mail and IM conversation over the net we hit it off. Same ideas and opinions on work, relationships, money and sex among many other things. It was great and I looked forward to our chats every evening. As expected, we got around to the what do you look like questions and agreed to exchange photos.

I remember how nervous I was when the E mail arrived with the "download" attachment. What if they didn't look anything like the description given me, or he was allot older then he said or the whole thing was a joke or a trick of some kind, or , or, or, Hell with it, I downloaded the photos and looked. So far so good again, they looked even better then I had pictured.

The reply I got from them when they opened my photo was, "Is this really you? We don't believe it. If this is really you then you are beautiful." Guess they must have liked me to. That was soon followed by "this is our phone number and address, please call us or send us yours so we can call you." I thought about it for a second or two and then I called them.

Mark answered the phone with a deep soft South Texas cowboy type voice, you know, the butter melting kind, and I remember getting a little damp just listening to him say " Hi sweetheart, we're sure glad you called us." Then he put Jan on the line to talk to me. What a surprise, she sounded great too, had just looked at my photo and got very busy telling me how beautiful and sexy she and Mark thought I was.

You have to understand that I was not a swinger, had never considered having a sexual experience with someone watching me or with another woman under any conditions and was very surprised to find myself getting excited by looking at her photo and fantasizing about meeting them.

Our phone and net conversations continued for several weeks. As we got to know each other better I realized that every conversation was becoming more suggestive and sexy. We finally got to the point where we decided enough talk and suggestions, its time to get together.

Because we lived several hundred miles apart we decided to meet in a city located between us and they insisted on paying my air fare there and back. The plan was for them to drive in, so we would have transportation, get rooms for us and pick me up at the airport where we could have a drink and see each other for the first time. If everything looked good we had worked out some "go" signals. If not, we would just visit and I could catch the next flight home without having to leave the security of the terminal.

The Saturday arrived and I headed to the airport, boarded my flight and in less than an hour I was walking down the ramp and into the terminal. I recognized them the second I passed through the gate. They looked even better then their photos, what a relief, I was excited. Now the question was, will they like me? We all had a nice welcome hug and when Jans' tits pressed against mine I really got excited. It only took half my drink before I was sure and I found out later they hadn't needed a drink at all, they decided the second they saw me. Our secret singles became unnecessary, we just looked at each other, smiled and Mark ask, " Well ladies, what are we doing here?" We were off to the hotel.

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Mark had done an excellent job picking rooms. We had beautiful adjoining executive suites in one of the best hotels in town. I was relaxed and tense, excited and scared, hot and nervous all at the same time, a real adrenaline rush was happening and I loved it.

I checked out my suite, put my makeup case on the vanity, checked myself over in the full length mirror, (I really did look sexy that day), took a couple of deep breaths and headed for the door that connected our suites. Ready or not here I cum, I thought as I entered Jan and Marks' room.

I was wearing a pair of black tie-on 4 inch spike heals and my sexiest open top sun dress. It was dark blue with white polkadots and showed enough of my tits and smooth tan legs to make guys pitch pup tints in their wranglers. I was hot and I knew it. My hair and nails looked great and my body was shaved, smoothed and tanned to perfection. I already knew I could turn Mark on, men are never any good at hiding it, but I wasn't sure at all about Jan. "Damn" I thought as I looked at her, she was delicious.

She, like me, was wearing a very sexy low cut sun dress but hers' was red and it framed her beautiful tits even better then mine. The other difference in our dresses was mine buttoned down the front from top to bottom and hers' had a zipper in back. We were two very sexy women, the kind men, and even some women, dream about but never could have together like this.

Mark looked good to. The expensive golf shirt was very sexy on him, as were the pair of just right Wranglers and beautiful peanut brittle colored ostrich boots with belt to match. He was 6 foot 1 or so, tan and in good shape, but not a mister America type mind you, just a very good looking normal man.

He was sitting in one of the big arm chairs in the front room of the suite and Jan was leaning on the bar. I looked at Jan and said," I'd like to get to know Mark a little better first, if that's ok with you." She smiled, nodded at me and said, "go get him girl." Why had I taken the lead in this deal, not like me at all. Oh well, I better go do what I just said I wanted to do.

I walked over to Mark, turned sideways and sat down on his lap, put my arms around his neck, leaned in and gave him the best, I want to fuck you bad big boy kiss I had. He was a great kisser. I felt his left hand move around to my side and his right hand firmly gripped the back of my neck as he gave me some deep, hot French. I sucked his tongue so he would know without a doubt what I had in mind next. If he can do this to my mouth I couldn't wait to see what he could do to my pussy. His tongue was not the only thing moving ether. I could feel his cock pulsing against my ass. It was harder then Algebra in the 3rd grade, and was starting to really move around under me.

As he kissed me I felt his left hand squeeze my right tit and then slip into my lap where he started pulling my dress up to expose my legs and black G string. He put his hand on my inner thigh, squeezed it a couple of times, pushed my legs apart and went straight for my pussy. I spread my legs for him, letting him explore where ever he wanted to. His fingers must have had a masters degree in nasty. They knew every way I wanted to be touched. I was wet, hot and really horny when I remembered Jan. "Oh shit", what was she doing? Was she watching Mark play nasty with me, I hoped so.. I let Mark have his way till I felt him start to slide a finger under my G string so he could get me flesh to flesh. I reached down, grabbed his wrist and whispered in his ear, " not yet babe. I'm going to suck you first." I slipped off his lap and got on my knees in front of him.


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