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The Barn Boy

Author: Duane D. Smith
Category: Gay_Stories
Last updated: Jul 12, 2010

Rated 10.0 with 14369 ratings
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Just as Josh began to sperm I wet my middle finger in my mouth and finding his tight asshole by sliding my finger down the crack of his girlish butt I inserted it forcefully in his anus, “suck that big horse cock Josh---suck it hard! swallow his sperm you fucking fuck monster!” I commanded. Josh’s cock convulsed and shot a stream of sperm spunk that shot up onto his stiffened abs., and then fell to the straw on the barn’s floor. Again and again, his spunk exited his cock while he pushed back and forth pushing my finger in and out of his hot ass; Josh continued swallowing Jake’s load until they both were finished, tired and exhausted; my cock was still aching to blow it’s load.

Standing, I pulled my pants up but was unable to zip them because of my rock hard cock. Josh was wiping Jake’s sperm from his face and pulling his pants up----but, I had decided that he wasn’t going to get off that easy! Rubbing his ass and then putting my arm around his waist I said, “follow me boy---I got something else for you.” Josh blushed as I walked him to the tack room. “You sure can suck a cock,” I said, as I motioned for him to have a seat on a saddle that was propped up on a saw horse sitting amongst the ropes and whips hanging on the walls.

Josh’s sexy, green eyes wondered around the room as I once again lowered my pants letting my cock fall out right in his face, only a few inches from his mouth. Josh took a deep breath in through his nose trying to get a good smell of my cock that only a couple of minutes ago was sliding up and down the moist crack of his luscious ass.

Josh started to open his mouth as he looked up at me; I inserted the head of my cock and let him suck on it for a minute----damned he was good at sucking cock; his tender girly mouth suckled the head of my cock while his tongue made circles around it---placing his hands on my buttocks he pulled my peter forward down his throat, “mmmmmuh, yes! mmmmmmm! Your cock taste allot better than Jake’s---I bet your hot load of cum will too,” Josh said, letting my cock fall from his mouth, working his tongue down to my balls where he licked, moaned and sucked. Working his way back up my dick, he started to suck me again but, I had a better idea---I still wanted that fine young ass---I wanted him to submit to me! I wanted to put some hot whelps on his firm ass from the business end of a bullwhip; I wanted to take my dick from his ass and stuff it down his unwilling girly throat and shoot wads of hot cum down it; that’s what I wanted! and like J. G. Wentwerth, I wanted it now!

Before he could get his mouth back around my penis, I held his head back with one hand then taking my hard pole in my right hand began to smack him in the face with it----“you want it don’t you Josh? Yes, you want to slobb my knob don’t you? want to feel it squirting sperm down your hot little throat don’t you Barn Boy? You want this dick!---well you’re going to have to work for it--work hard! Barn Boy!” I said, mockingly. I could tell he was getting nervous at my change of attitude but, I just let him sweat it out--I wanted him to feel it! I wretch down and nearly yanked his boots and pants off---he held onto the saddle firmly, straightening his legs so that I could get them off easier with a worried look on his face, making me even hornier. “Now! Turn around and hold onto the saddle horn,” I ordered, while I looked for a small piece of rope on the wall. Josh watched, “you’re not really going to hurt me are you?” Josh pleadingly ask, tears welling up in his beautiful eyes. “Well I don’t know Josh, I guess it depends on how much you cooperate with me---don’t you think? I think so, if you’re a good boy I won’t have to get rough with you will I?” I replied, sarcastically. “Now---let me get your hands tied,“ I said, finishing the knot taking a bullwhip from the wall and unrolling it where I was sure that Josh could see what I was doing. “What are you going to do!?” Josh ask excitedly, as he began to cry; his cock pressed perfectly in the saddle, his hands tied firmly in front of him---the only clothes he had on were his muscle shirt, underwear and socks.

“Did you ask me! If you could suck Jake’s cock?---did you?” I asked, authoritatively. “No but, but I was…” Josh started to say, “No! is right! Isn’t it?---Isn’t it!? You DID NOT!, ask me,” I said, letting him know immediately who the boss was. “But, I didn’t know you were going to……” Josh began. “That’s right bitch! you didn’t know I was going to come to the barn----SO! You were going to do it with out! ASKING! Correct?” I demanded. “I guess, I gues… but, I,” Josh cried. “Well, welly, well then---I guess some people! just have to learn the HARD! way then don’t they “”Mr. Josh“”---do you like learning the HARD!? way Josh? seems to me you do,” I said, as I pulled his underwear to the side away from his beautiful ass cheeks.

“Please don’t whip me----PLEASE!” he cried, as he struggled against the rope that held his hands to the saddle, wiggling his ass to avoid the whip that had not even started through the air to his firm ass ---yet! “Look straight ahead Josh---or I’ll make this hurt allot worse---straight! ahead,” I ordered. I wet my finger and stuck it in his wonderful moist bumm---fingering it just for a second before pulling it out and bringing it to my nose to smell his musky scent----my cock got rock hard-------Josh cried. “Spread your legs,” I ordered, Josh immediately spread his legs which pushed his soft cock firmly into the saddle---his butt stuck up in the air perfectly as I stepped back to deliver his punishment he so richly deserved! “Pleease!?” Josh cried, as he knew what was about to happen. “The mouth! Shut the fucking mouth,” I ordered. Josh, put his head down on the back of his hands that were tied to the saddle and tightened his young ass, his toes pushing down on the floor in the tack room hard---his legs spread wide.

The whip made an awful cracking sound that startled even me with a sharp snap! at the end. When the first lick hit Josh’s ass squarely in the middle---he threw his head backwards “Awwwwwhuh, huh awww fuck man! Ahhhh! awww! Fuck dude!” Josh cried, as his feet came off the ground, his weight pushing his cock muscle into the saddle---his hands straining hard against their binds. “Are you cussing in my barn, Barn Boy?---are you? You know! I don’t fucking! allow that---don’t you? ANOTHER! Lesson I suppose you’ll have to learn the Hard way.”

I took a minute to strip naked, while Josh breathed heavily in the saddle---blood trickled down his thigh from the lash on his red butt----- “seriously man, I’ll suck your cock till your dry, I’ll lick and suck your ass---whatever for however long you want but, I don’t want whipped anymore!” Josh said, sternly. Naked, with my whip in one hand I ran around in front of Josh, my cock standing erect in his face and grabbing his head, staring directly in his eyes and almost spitting in his face as I yelled---I informed him, “look here you little fuck! You have nothing to say about it! got me? Nothing! What you’re going to do is lay there and take it! If I decide to beat you to death---you’ll lay there and take it! Understand? you little shitass fucker! I couldn’t seem to control my anger---I was pissed, seriously pissed. “I’m sorry sir, I thought we were just playing,” Josh sobbed, “I…I….didn’t know you were serious, I’m sorry…please sir!” Josh cried. “We were! playing asshole! Till you pissed me off---till you had to go and fuck it all up.”

I had been walking up and down beside him as we talked, trying to get my anger under control when, it hit me again in a flash---I was mad, fucking! mad---I ran back around grabbing him by the head again “I want your mouth shut! shut-it! Keep your fucking mouth shut till I tell you it’s ok to open it----do you hear me!? assfuck!” I railed. “Yeah…yes sir,” Josh replied crying. Trembling, he looked around to see where I was. I had walked toward the back of the room and when I saw him looking at me I lost it! “You stupid fuck!” I yelled as I let go with the whip---crack, snap! Crack, snap! crack snap! Crack snap! Crack snap!---he was no longer getting a whipping, I was beating! his gorgeous gay ass---my cock got hard as horseshoe nails. Josh was bawling---his beautiful body wreathing in pain from the sharp stripes of pain I was laying on his ass with the seven foot bull whip we called the “black snake.”


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