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I Sucked Black Cock

Author: kac0037
Category: Gay_Stories
Last updated: Nov 20, 2007

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I am not a writer, I am using this format as an outlet to release a deep secret of mine, I will tell this experience the best way I can. I never felt homosexual, I have always like women, but, when I was in my early twenties in the army I had some experiences in which I will tell you about. I would like to release my secret in this way. I have held it in all these years. Finding Literorica allows me to tell it without damaging my life.

I am a thirty nine year old Caucasian man with three children, good job nice looking normal guy. I am attracted to women and love my wife. My name is Brad.

It happened my second year in the army, I was stationed in California and roomed with three black guys. I liked them fine and we would drink at night go to the clubs and pretty much hang out together.

I was dating my wife at the time; however she was back home.

Anthony, Jerry, and Alvin were all dark black, fairly intelligent and muscular. We all showered together and saw one another nude. I noticed that after a few months of living with them I started to glance at there cocks in the shower or when we were changing clothes in the room. I did this more frequently as time went on. I thought I was doing it inconspicuously. All three of them were hung nicely, not real big like you see in the movies but larger than me by all means.

I had never had any homosexual thoughts before at all. Looking at their dicks thinking about them was a first for me. I had never looked at a white mans before and had seen many of them but had no interest in them. I had began to grow erect when thinking of them. When I masturbated, I would think about putting it in my mouth. One night masturbating under the covers I began to touch my asshole. That was a first for me as well. I began to massage it thinking about one of them rubbing the head of their dick on it.

It must have became more evident as the months wore on because they would start making comments in front of me and especially when we were all drinking. And then one night something happened.

It was a Saturday night, we had came back from the club, showered up and sat on the sofa and chair relaxing listening to music. I was sitting on the sofa in between Alvin and Jerry when Anthony who was sitting in the chair across from us said, "Damn we didn't hook up with no ho's tonight."

"I know it and I am horny as hell." Alvin said.

All of us agreed.

"Anybody want to go back out and find us a white Ho?" Jerry asked of us all.

Laughing, Anthony said, "Its late and we got a white ho right here."

We all laughed at the comment but I felt a nervousness in my somach.

"We all know white women can suck dick but what about white men?" Alvin said.

Laughter filled the room again.

Then, Alvin pulled his shorts down around his ankles exposing his nice black cock and said, "Well lets just see." Everyone laughed again but the room fell silent, a little tension filled the air.

Alvin was the most dominant one of the bunch of us and it was showing now.

"Yeah, I seen you looking at me like that." Alvin said.

"Naw not really." I spoke as my voice trembled.

"Yeah you have, I seen you looking at my cock, don't say you ain't. Now lets see what you got."

" I don't think I can do anything like that." I said.

Alvin was staring me down now, he was a very muscular and large man. He was a half foot taller than I was. Jerry and Anthony were staring on not saying anything.

He leaned against the back of the sofa, placed his hand behind my head and grasped it sternly.

"Come on, ain't nobody gonna know, go ahead, give us a little head." He said.

I felt his hand pulling at my head, I was resisting some but his power was becoming more evident as he was trying to make this happen. He pulled harder.

"Go ahead, suck it Brad." His voice had become more forceful.

I could have jumped up and ran out but my head weakened and gave way. I lowered my head, scared to death.

"Damn he's gonna suck it." Jerry said.

My head reached his cock and I opened my mouth. I put my mouth over the head and the feelings I had were indescribable.

"There you go, that's it now jack it." Alvin said.

I wrapped my hand around the base of it. It felt so different, I had only ever touched my cock, his was thick and hardening fast now. I could feel him growing in my mouth as I sucked. I proceeded to stroke him, it was feeling so erotic. I started moving my head around working my mouth on him. I then started to slide my mouth further down the shaft taking as much of him in my mouth as I could. I started jacking him loving it. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was sucking a black cock. Oh my god, I thought. Am I a queer. I remember these feelings at that time. I sucked him, slobbing his cock where it would feel good for him, making sure he would cum. I stroked and sucked in a way I thought would feel good. I was aware now that I was not as nervous as what I was moments earlier. I was now rock hard myself. His cock in my mouth felt good, I was enjoying this now.

I saw out of the corner of my eye Jerry and Anthony had taken there cocks out playing with them, they were looking on as I sucked. I started to jack faster and slob more when all of the sudden Alvin started humping upwards, I stayed with him when he started to moan and buck, I felt him throbbing as he started spurting cum, I never removed my mouth, feeling it leaking from the sides, I started feeling my chin wet with it. I slowed my sucking down as Alvin relaxed back. I raised my head and let the rest of his semen leak from my mouth.

"Damn white boy can suck cock." Alvin said. "Throw me a towel, we gotta clean up."

"I gotta have some of that." Jerry said as he stood and walked right in front of me, cock hard and put it up to my face. I immediately started sucking him, I was now comfortable with it as I took him from my mouth and slid my mouth down the long black shaft and found his nuts. I started to lick them suck them. I nestled my face in his nuts while I stroked his thick shaft. I moved to the underside of his balls and started licking almost touching his asshole. This drove him crazy.

"Goddamn boy, suck it." Jerry said.

Jerry then looked at the other two and said, "This ain't the first time this boys sucked cock."

But it was, I thought to myself, I don't know why I was loving it so much, I know I wouldn't have sucked a white man off at all, I even knew it at that moment. I don't understand it. I am sure there is some psychological reason for this warped episode.

I then moved back to the head of his dick and ran my mouth over it. I moved my head from side to side working that head with my tongue, stroking him. I then put both my hands on his ass, grasping at his plump buttocks. He put both his hands on the back of my head and started fucking motions. Jerry then started literally fucking my mouth. He was pounding my head. I kept sucking as I felt his ass clinch, he shot a load in my mouth, more than Alvin had, it spewed from the sides, there was so much, he kept cumming. I swallowed some of it. The stuff was all over me now, all over my shirt, around my mouth and chin.

Jerry pulled out of me and went to sit. Anthony walked over laid on the sofa, spread his legs and said, "I am gonna lay down and relax. Get on your fucking knees like a bitch and work my black dick white boy."

I complied with his command, got on my knees and placed my head between his legs. I licked him all over his groin area, I ran my mouth all over his cock and the other two guys looked on. I moved to his black nuts and sucked, licking my way under them, flicking my tongue across. Anthony raised his legs and hips exposing his ass. I opened my mouth wide and licked sucking the place between his balls and asshole. I then moved my tongue down further as I stroked his dick. My tongue found his asshole, I licked it. My mind was racing all kinds of crazy thoughts. What was I doing I thought. It didn't matter, I was already doing it, I just went with how I felt at the time.

My tongue probed around his black asshole, flicking across it, I placed my whole mouth on it licking and sucking and then began to tongue fuck his asshole. I had gone mad I thought to myself.

Anthony bucked like crazy and started jacking his own dick, he started groaning, and he came with my mouth on his asshole tongue fucking it. His hips dropped, he collapsed, I raised my head to see the cum on his cock and stomach. I moved up to his belly and started licking, making my way to his cock cleaning the cum off.

In the weeks to come, they would fuck my ass, taking it. For the next two years I would be the one to milk the come from them one way or another. They pretty much dominated my life the rest of my army career.

As I said earlier, I am not a writer and have no desire to be. My story is just a fact that I needed to let out somehow. So please don't bash it for literary work. It works for me. I will write one more chapter to tell how they came to fuck my ass and dominate me for two years, and how I loved it.

I have not done anything like that since. That was sixteen years ago. I have been fascinated with the black man since.


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